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Stuntman :: Stunt Coordinator FOR HIRE

Jack McLaughlin is a professional stuntman / stunt coordinator / actor
that is well respected within the movie industry and is the full package when searching for a stunt genius. With his multiple years of experience, his expertise with roller cam shots and his phenomenal resume of movies, television spots and short films, Jack McLaughlin is an amazing asset to any video based project looking for top notch professional action stunts.

Jack McLaughlinStuntman

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JMstunts Services

Stunt Equipment and Rigging Available for rental. Owner Stedi-Cam ATV with camera mounts and speedrail, Moto-Cam Camera Motorcycle w/ sidecar camera platform, Electric Camera Bicycles and a professional attitude.

Moto Cam

PH: 1-914-329-6253 EM: